The coast guard keeps an eye on the sea

Coast guard

Federal Institute for Sustainable Development

Jo Versteven, project leader for the Guide of Sustainable Purchases with the federal institute for Sustainable Development:

“I am responsible for the Guide of Sustainable Purchases. Through this online guide, government institutions can purchase ecological and socially acceptable products and services. These vary from computers over washing products to stationery. For the North Sea also, a sustainable policy is imperative. That is why the Coordination Centre on Integrated Coastal Zone Management and a number of scientists developed an atlas of the coast, summing up all activities taking place on the North Sea and recommendations on a sustainable use of our marine environment. ”

Jo Versteven - federal institute for Sustainable Development

The federal institute for Sustainable Development coordinates the federal policy concerning sustainable development and is the moving force behind the Interdepartmental Commission Sustainable Development, a federal consultation platform, also including regional representatives. It runs the secretariat and coordinates various working groups.

Furthermore, this institute supports other government institutions in making their policy and procedures more sustainable. To that purpose different products and services are available, e.g. the Guide on Sustainable Purchases. Moreover, every year in October, a “day of Sustainable Development” is organised in order to make civil servants more aware of issues related to sustainable development.

The federal institute for Sustainable Development also follows up international developments and policy within its scope, e.g. in the United Nations and the European Union.