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  • 29.04.14
    Flemish Hydrography

    The team Flemish Hydrography of our coast guard partner Coastal Division has developed a specific data platform for hydrological, meteorological and bathymetric information. For more information on log-in and prices, see the website of coastal division.

  • 23.04.14
    Safe Shipping Days

    In Koksijde the governor of West-Flanders province gave the kick-off for the second edition of the Safe Shipping Days. This year the focus is on beach clubs and their watersports activities. A whole range of watersports are becoming increasingly popular such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddling…

    This means a lot of activity in a relatively small space, which can cause problems. Some activities are done at high velocity or require a certain amount of skill and technicality. The Safe Shipping Days are aimed at keeping it safe for everyone involved.

  • 23.04.14

    Interested in a career on the water?
    Come to the open doors at the maritime institute Mercator in Ostend on April 26th from 10am until 18pm!

  • 22.04.14

    Get the right information right away in case of an emergency!
    Subscribe to , a new sytem to alert and inform citizens in emergency situations.

  • 17.04.14

    On our website you can find everything about the coast guard in Belgium. Curious about how the coast guard of other countries operate? Check it here: the coast guard abroad.

  • 14.04.14

    Our coast guard partner Maritime Access Division is looking for a staff member, a tophographer and an engineer. More information on Apply before April 21st.

  • 10.04.14

    Our coast guard partner Management of the North Sea Mathematical Models (BMM) is recruiting a scientific collaborator with a master degree in science or engineering. 

    More information on the MUMM website.

  • 04.04.14

    The ferry to cross the fairway in Nieuwpoort has been out of service for a while due to damages by the severe storm in December last year.
    Because of the holiday period our coast guard partners Coastal Division and Fleet have set up a temporary ferry service (only for pedestrians), starting April 5th.

    More information on of

  • 03.04.14

    It is not necessary to share your pack of french fries or your portion of fresh shrimp with seagulls. They do have food enough. If they are constantly fed by humans, they will no longer go find food themselves. They will tear garbage bags open which causes the street to be full of litter and which attracts vermin.  Rooftops, cars and sidewalks are covered in seagull excrement. Moreover, seagulls are known to come and steal food out of people's hands, which can prove dangerous, especially for small children.

    Did you know that is forbidden by law to feed seagulls? If you go ahead and do it anyway, you risk a heavy fine in most coastal municipalities along the Belgian coast?

  • 01.04.14

    Curious about what the coast guard and the coast guard partners did in 2013?

    Check our annual report!