The coast guard keeps an eye on the sea

Coast guard

Coast Guard Consulation Body 20 June 2014

Friday 20th of June the second meeting of the Coast Guard consultation body of 2014 took place in Bruges. A new project to monitor the presence of jellyfish at sea was discussed. Scientists suspect that the population of jellyfish is increasing. Because of the influence this could have on the environment and the food chain, this phenomenon deserves global follow-up. The past few years knew a significant rise in jellyfish along the Belgian coast.

The governor of West-Flanders outlined his newly added responsibility: as of June 1st he is appointed 'receiver of underwater cultural heritage'. This means that findings in the North Sea with a possible cultural and historical value are to be reported with the governor. The findings are entered into a database and after consideration, an advice is issued for the minister of the North Sea wether or not the find is deemed cultural heritage.

To conclude, the coast guard partners had the opportunity to learn more about OSR, an electronic logbook used to tackle disasters of great impact. Entries in this logbook happen in real time and are immediately visible to all parties concerned. It is being looked at if this system can be of use for the contigency plan for the North Sea.