The coast guard keeps an eye on the sea

Coast guard

Chairmen Coastguard visit the Wandelaar

Wednesday 21th August 2013 Jaak Raes (director-general Federal Public Service Interior and federal chairman of the Policy-making body of the Coast guard), Jacques D’Havé (administrator-general Maritime and Coastal Services and regional chairman Policy-making body of the Coast guard) and Carl Decaluwé (gouvernor of West -Flanders province and chairman Consultation body of the coast guard) visited the SWATHs (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) Wandelaar and Wielingen.


Capt. Herman Van Driessche (directeur operations Vloot) welcomed the visitors. Commander Eddy Janssens and his crew brought the visitors with the Wielingen from Ostend port to the Wandelaar. On board the Wandelaar, Captain Dennis Brys provided the group with an extensive tour. 
The Wandelaar is a state-of-the-art pilot station at sea which enables pilots to efficiently transfer to and fro ships and where they can also be lodged when necessary. The Wandelaar boast a heli-winching area as well as a small hospital unit, which makes it particularly suitable as a platform for coordination and evacuation for victims of shipping incidents and in emergency situations.

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