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  • 25.01.10
    New fairway Ostend Port

    Ostend port is restructuring its entrance. By building two new breakwaters, deeper in sea and by dredging a new fairway, a broader and straighter port entrance will be created, allowing larger vessels to enter the port. This will also bring about an increase in capacity. In the past, vessels had to navigate an elongated S-shaped approach route to enter Ostend port. Only vessels up to 160 metres were able to do so, bigger vessels did not have sufficient manoeuvring space.

    Works have progressed sufficiently to allow a new leading light to be taken into service shortly.
    On February 8th 2010, at ten o’clock, leading light (128°) will be extinguished and the approach route will no longer be navigable in this direction. At the same time, the new leading light (143°) will be taken into service, together with the new approach route, which will be marked by three pairs of lateral buoys.

  • 08.09.09
    Logo CapOkaz

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  • 08.09.09
    Salvage sports airplane

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  • 21.08.09
    Visit ministers to the Civil Protection in Jabbeke

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  • 08.07.09
    Sticker MRCC

    To ensure a safe navigation in the Belgian part of the North Sea, Shipping Assistance Division has issued a sticker.

  • 16.06.09

    For more information on the new brochure: Visit the website or send an e-mail to .

  • 26.05.09

    From 29 May until 1 June the tenth editon of 'Ostend at Anchor'(Oostende voor Anker) will take place.
    This anniversary will be a a retrospective honouring all the different themes which have been brought into play during the past ten years : the Vikings, the Siege of Ostend, Ireland and the Celts, Tintin and Belgians on the South Pole.

  • 19.02.09

    Epirbs 121.5 et 243 MHz Attention!
    Since the first of February 2009, satelittes (copsas-sarsat) will no longer be equipped to detect Epirbs that emit on frequencies 121.5 and 243 MHz.

  • 12.02.09

    A new chapter in the investment plan of the Flemish VLOOT (FLEET)
    February 10th, the construction of a new, multifunctional buoy-laying vessel was assigned to the DAMEN –Group (The Netherlands). This multi-purpose vessel forms part of an investment plan for FLEET approved by Kris Peeters, Flemish minister authorised for the ports. Within the Agency for Maritime Services and Coast, which ensures safe and efficient shipping in Flemish waters, FLEET does not only fulfil its role as shipowner, but is also in charge of the management and the maintenance of no less than 264 buoys.

  • 12.02.09
    MRCC Ostend

    In 2008 the Ostend – based Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre (MRCC) handled 187 incidents. 20 persons were rescued and up to 40 people had to be evacuated, mostly because of medical reasons. In comparison with 2007, when 205 incidents were reported, the number of incidents off the Belgian Coast has decreased.