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Coast guard


  • 27.04.20

    Beginning of April 1st our coastguard partner Federal Public Service (FPS) Mobility and Transport took the online tool for applications for letters of registration and commercial plates for pleasure craft offline. This was necessary to adapt the tool to the new fees. At the end of this month, April 30th, the online tool will be reactivated. 

  • 23.04.20

    Even in the current circumstances our coast guard partners remain on stand-by and vigilant at all times.
    Proof of that is furnished by our coast guard partner Defence: Aerial base Koksijde ensures that all devices are operational, as you can witness in this video

  • 15.04.20

    Our coast guard partner Federal Public Service Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment would like to know how you think about the protection, conservation and rehabilitation of the marine environment.They organize a public consultation on the 'draft for updating the monitoring program for Belgium's marine waters. You can participate from April 15th to June 15th 2020 at (only available in French and Dutch)

  • 10.04.20

    You would like to apply for your registration letter for pleasure craft online?
    The tool has been taken offline temporarily.
    On April 1st fees for applications for letters of registration and commercial plates for pleasure craftdecreased. The current crisis measures have as a consequence that administrative procedures take more time than usual. To ensure that all new applications are registered correctly with the new fees, our coastguard partner Federal Public Service (FPS) took the precaution of temporarily taking the application tool offline. 


  • 30.03.20

    The Flanders Marine Institute (VLIZ) is recruiting a logistics officer and a officer for science communication.
    Please note that for both jobs, a good knowledge of Dutch is required.
    Applications for the job of communications officer must be received by April 27th 2020 and applications for the job of logistics officer must be received by April 20th 2020. 

    All information:


  • 27.03.20

    Looking forward to your yearly date with Belgium's illustrious maritime history at Ostend at Anchor?
    We are sorry to have to inform you that, due to the coronavirus, it was decided to postpone your favourite maritime event to 2021.

    Dates for 2021 are already known, so be sure to make a note in your calendar: 27 May to 30 May 2021

  • 20.03.20

    Our coast guard partner Federal Public Service (FPS) Foreign Affairs summons all Belgians that are now abroad to register at 

    traveller's online

    That way, embassies and consulates are informed of your whereabouts. This way they can contact you more easily and help you find a solution. 


  • 17.03.20

    Important update:

    Our coast guard partner agency for Maritime and Coastal Services (MDK) decided to cease the ferry service in Oostende, as well as in Antwerpen (Sint Anna) and Bazel-Hemiksem, in accordance with the Corona measures.
    From today March 17th till April 3rd 2020 these ferry services will NOT be operational. 

    Information ferry services:

    Following ferry services are still in service:

    - Langerbrugge;
    - Terdonk;
    - Kruibeke-Hoboken.

  • 17.03.20

    All offices pleasure craft and sea fisheries of our coast guard partner Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport are closed.
    Should you have any questions, please direct them to: 

    Request for letters of registration can at all times be done online : 

    All pleasure craft exams are postponed until at least April 3rd 2020. As soon as new exams can be organized, FPS Mobility and Transport will contact all candidates to determine a new date.

  • 16.03.20

    Our coastguard partner Federal Public Service (FPS) Mobility and Transport wishes to report the following:
    the measures for containing the corona virus include a prohibition on recreational shipping, both individually and in group, in the Belgian territorial waters of the North Sea until April 3rd 2020. 
    This means that also the individual practice of water sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing,... is not allowed during this period of time.

    What is still allowed:
    Sea fishery
    Merchant vessels can call at/depart from Belgian harbours (usual reporting procedures apply)